December 3-5, 2024 | AUSTIN, TX

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Smart Cities - Smart Bases Innovation Challenge

The Smart Cities - Smart Bases Innovation Challenge

The Smart Cities - Smart Bases Innovation Challenge wants to know how YOU can deliver cutting-edge, dual-use technology to address the overlapping technical, environmental, and security challenges facing both smart cities and smart bases. Apply for a chance to present your solution on stage at the joint Defense TechConnect and Smart Cities Connect Conference this December in Austin, Texas. 

Why we need your solution:

Municipalities and military instillations, of all sizes and in all locations, are increasingly vulnerable to cyber attacks, natural and man-made disasters, and disruptions to energy, food, and water supply chains. Consequently, they both want to enhance their operations and secure their personnel and facilities through the deployment of disruptive technologies ranging across AI, energy, communications, mobility, sensors, cyber security, resilient infrastructure, and emergency response. Urban environments are living incubators and testbeds for those rapidly developing technologies, and the United States federal government is the world's largest user of energy and the nation's largest landlord. Together, smart cities and smart bases represent a massive opportunity for innovation. 

TechConnect, Advanced Technology International (ATI), and the RISE Consortium will draw upon extensive ecosystems to find solution providers, as well as to recruit subject matter experts and funders, for a best-in-class pitch event this December.

Applications Open July 23


Areas of Interest:

  • Energy & Grid Security
  • Energy Storage & Access
  • Urban Air & Land Mobility
  • 5G & Resilient Networks
  • AI & Autonomous Systems
  • C5ISR (Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Cyber, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance) Systems
  • Sensor Systems
  • Cyber & Infrastructure Security
  • Food, Water, Supply Chain Resilience
  • Emergency Response & Mitigation

Ideally, proposed technologies will apply to both civilian and defense use cases. However, single use approaches are still of interest.

Who Should Apply

Companies of all sizes and maturity representing cutting-edge resilient energy or infrastructure technologies are welcome. There is added interest in non-traditional or emerging technologies with dual-use (civilian & national security) applications.


RISE Membership

All qualified submitting technologies will receive RISE membership supporting national energy, climate and infrastructure initiatives. Access the Nation's largest pipeline of dual-use emerging technology funding opportunities aligned with the Nation's most critical challenges.

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How to Participate

Submit your technologies today for review. There is no fee to participate. If selected, TechConnect will invite you to pitch your technology to top OEMS and military tech scouts in Austin, TX during the Defense TechConnect Innovation Summit in December 2024. Submissions are due September 3.

Enter By September 3

For submission questions, please contact Laura Murphree


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