Leslie Mulder

Co-Founder and President

Exegin Technologies, Canada

Leslie Mulder is co-Founder and President of Exegin Technologies, a global leader in IoT mesh-
networking stacks. Exegin plays a preeminent role in the deployment of 802.15.4 mesh network
protocol stacks for the smart city, smart utility and smart home applications – these stacks include Wi-
SUN FAN and Zigbee among others.
Apart from early membership in and active contribution to the Wi-SUN Alliance, Leslie is the current
Chair of the Zigbee Working Group Steering Committee and concurrently Vice-Chairman of the Zigbee
Sub-GHz Task Group. Leslie further contributes as a member in the Connectivity Standards Alliance
Governance Advisory Committee.
Leslie has been a long-standing proponent of Sub-GHz protocols and has contributed significantly to
their adoption within industry. Wi-SUN, in particular, showcases the global position that Sub-GHz
frequency band use cases play for the deployment of robust communications networks.

He has over 30 years of experience in real time embedded environment spanning communications
systems, control systems and data acquisition systems and is a distinguished author of many widely
distributed academic papers.