Abieyuwa (Abi) Aghayere

Prof. of Structural Engineering

Drexel University

Dr. Abi Aghayere is a professor of structural engineering in the Department of
Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering at Drexel University. He holds
bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees in civil engineering from the University
of Lagos, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and the University of
Alberta, respectively. Dr. Aghayere is a licensed professional engineer in Ontario,
Canada, and worked as a structural design engineer for more than a decade.
His structural design experience includes concrete, steel, masonry, and wood, in
addition to structural failure analysis and retrofitting of existing structures. Dr.
Aghayere is an author of several textbooks on structural design and analysis of
buildings including, “Structural Steel Design” (1 st to 3 rd editions), “Reinforced
Concrete Design” (6 th to 9 th editions) and “Structural Wood Design” (1 st and 2 nd
editions). The second edition of “Structural Steel Design” has been translated
into Turkish. His textbooks are widely used and can be found in major university
libraries around the world.