David van Gilluwe

Chief Data Officer

City of Carlsbad, CA


 David van Gilluwe is a leader in public sector technology and data. He has worked for various cities for over a decade and currently serves as the Chief Data Officer for the City of Carlsbad, CA. Also known as, “Data Dave”, he leads the city’s data services practice and is the co-lead on the city’s innovation program. David is responsible for developing a Citywide Data Governance and Management policy and program for Carlsbad and heads up the city’s Data Governance Committee. His accomplishments include developing data applications and visualizations that support the city’s economic recovery and revitalization initiative, deep data insights that are driving organizational change, and citywide innovation sprints that use data to drive new approaches to delivering excellent city services. David is a passionate advocate for digital transformation and data-driven decision making. His dedication to the public sector has not only driven change in cities but also through mentorship is growing the next generation of technology leaders in government