Seda Evis

Director of Strategy

Birsel + Seck Design and Innovation Studio

Seda Evis is a strategist and creative business leader with expertise in mobility, technology, automotive and consumer goods. She develops new products, services, organizations and concepts that spark change for Fortune 500 companies such as Amazon, Nike, Toyota, Philips, GE, Herman Miller, non-profits and startups. Her work results in new markets, products and concepts, services, organizations. At Birsel+Seck, Seda envisioned the future of mobility for Nissan, partnered with Toyota’s various design and innovation studios to rethink urban mobility, adventure vehicles and develop innovative product systems in urban Africa. She developed and trained an innovation team at Bridgestone and helped leaders and their teams at Nike, Philips, Converse, GE, Colgate Palmolive and many other Fortune 500 companies define their strategic vision for better work and business results. 
Seda brings left and right-brain thinking together, with one feet in business and other in design. Seda earned an MBA at University of San Diego and has an undergraduate in urban design and planning from Middle East Technical University.