Emily Silverman

Smart City Program Manager

City of Denver

As Denver Smart City Program Manager, Emily Silverman is responsible for developing and deploying Denver Smart City. Her focus includes: developing a comprehensive program by building cross-functional teams; seaming connected, innovative IoT technology and partnerships to provide an interactive, efficient and safe environment in the physical world; and improving the everyday experience of living and being in Denver.

Prior to her position with Technology Services, Emily was a city planner in Public Works, focusing on improving access and mobility through studies, projects and programs within the right-of-way, from station area studies to multi-modal bridges and large-scale development. Emily began her work with the built environment as an Art Director with the Boys & Girls Club, focusing on healthy eating and active living as key elements of community building. Emily holds a BA degree in Comparative Arts from Washington University and a Master of Planning and a Master of Urban Design from the University of Colorado Denver.