John Timmerman

Industry Specialist – Customer Journey Analytics


John Timmerman - Director, Global Evangelism and Business Development, Teradata Corporation

John’s 28-year career with Teradata has been exemplified by the creative and innovative use of touch-point technologies to solve business problems.  Although he has current responsibility for the global advocacy of Teradata’s Customer Journey solutions, John’s insight spans a broad range of industries and products.  John brings a global perspective to his role, having met with Teradata customers in 54 countries in all regions of the global economy.

Throughout his career, John has been an ardent supporter of the need for customer data & identity management, engagement analytics and coordinated customer communications; which encourage an unobtrusive, yet value rich, exchange with the consumer.  Since 1998, John has been strategically focused on the application and impact of integrated customer-facing technologies (such as mobile marketing, outbound/inbound call center, customer care, web technologies, customer self-service and digital communications), resulting in his current position.