Angelo Rao

Manager, Traffic Operations and Parking Services (TOPS)

City of Lakeland, Florida

With his parents combined ages living to 182 years and never having drivers’ licenses, Angelo truly grew up learning to walk the talk.  Angelo is a graduate of the University of Toronto, Canada with a degree in Civil Engineering (1980).  As an employee of government organizations for over 24 years (VDOT/Washington, DC; City of St. Petersburg, FL; City of Toronto; and the Ministry of Transportation, Ontario) coupled with almost 14 years of private sector work, Angelo understands the special needs of the public.  During the last 20 years, he has personally attended and/or chaired over 600 public meetings with a view of reaching consensus within these communities for implementing lasting solutions. 

Angelo is now the Manger of the Traffic Operations and Parking Services Division, for the beautiful and vibrant City of Lakeland, Florida.  His focus is on enhancing safety and mobility for ALL transportation users.  Angelo is utilizing/testing advanced systems such as License Plate Reading and hardwareless parking technology as well as advanced intersection crash avoidance technology.