Christophe Papin

VP Business Development Smart Cities

Siradel, France

Dr Christophe Papin received his PhD degree in computer science in 1999 at INRIA Rennes.
He specialized in statistic modeling, object recognition and tracking. Then, he worked from
2000 as senior imaging scientist at the Electronic Imaging R&D centre of KODAK in Paris
where he addressed motion picture restoration, mobile imaging, video summarization,
smart user interface, pervasive computing and image sensors. In 2008, he joined the
Multimedia Laboratory of Thales Communications as Advanced Studies Manager. He was
interested in video compression and transmission for embedded digital systems. He joined
SIRADEL in 2011, a subsidiary of ENGIE since 2016, to develop new offers for smart and
connected cities and territories. Vice-President in charge of business development, he is
interested in the development of urban planning solutions (3D digital twins, simulations,
engineering and 3D visualization platforms, connectivity, etc.), this in order to help the
territories better understand environmental, economic and societal issues, and the impact of
new urban infrastructures, digital services or new public policies.