Wolf Ruzicka


EastBanc Technologies

Wolf Ruzicka is Chairman of EastBanc Technologies. Wolf’s keen vision and strategic direction, coupled with an enthusiastic workforce, has seen the company establish itself at the frontier of technology with a reputation for game-changing excellence. He firmly believes that the world is our playground, and not to be limited by what we see in front of us - a philosophy that he conveys passionately in his talks. 

An entrepreneur, technology advocate, and mentor, Wolf has served in many roles. He is a member of the Microsoft Customer Advisory Board for Microsoft Azure and the World Economic Forum’s “Partnering for Cyber Resilience” initiative. He also served as President of APIphany (now part of Microsoft) and held leadership positions with MicroStrategy, Mercedes Benz, Lufthansa, and more. Frequently called upon to speak, Wolf recently presented at the Smart Cities Symposium and DeveloperWeek in New York