John Burke

Downtown Westminster Development & Construction Manager

City of Westminster

John Burke is the Development & Construction Manager for the City of Westminster Colorado.
He is also the author of a book titled: “RFP - Request For Personality, Win People, Win Projects.”
John worked as a Civil Engineer in the private sector for 10 years, and has invested the last 15
years working for the City of Westminster.  He recently managed over $70 million dollars in
infrastructure projects to complete Westminster Station which is part of the Regional
Transportation Districts Commuter Rail system that connects Westminster to Denver and
Denver International Airport.
Over the past four years, John has helped the City of Westminster negotiate over $250 million
dollars in private investment to build over 1 million square feet of mixed use commercial,
residential, office, entertainment and hotel development in the City’s new Downtown
Westminster project. This is a vision aligned 100-acre development led by the City which allows
for integration of smart technologies on every corner. The Westminster Reduced Energy
District (WRED) is one of the first block-by-block energy districts ever formed.
In addition to his full time job with the City, John is a trainer for the APWA Public Works
Institute and has given a number of speeches at APWA, ACEC, SMPS conferences and provides
training for private consulting firms on what it takes to win projects.