Dave Low

Network Liaison

2030 Districts Network

Dave Low is the Founder and Principal at Agatewood Consulting.  Currently the company is actively engaged in several green building and sustainability projects including the 2030 Districts Network.  2030 Districts are high performance building Districts located in urban centers.  Owners and managers commit to meeting the Architecture 2030 goals for energy, water and emissions reduction.  As the 2030 Districts Network Liaison, Dave is responsible for outreach and coordination between the 2030 District organizations around the country and Canada.  He is also active in the Portland, Maine 2030 District.

Prior to his work at Agatewood, he was the Director of Sustainability Practices at Kidder Mathews.  In this role, he was responsible for directing internal and external sustainability efforts for the Pacific Northwest’s largest commercial real estate firm.  He worked with the Property Management Division, Brokerage Division, Valuation Division and Senior Corporate Management to write and adopt a corporate sustainability position statement and educate employees on the importance of sustainability throughout the commercial real estate sector.  He engaged with the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance to embark on a two year consulting agreement to help operationalize sustainability throughout the firm, primarily working with the Property Management Division.  He was a founding member and Vice Chair of the Board for the Seattle 2030 District.  He has experience working with the Green Globes certification process and has been the primary consultant for over 2 million square feet of LEED certified spaces.  His LEED projects have been certified at all levels including Platinum through Certified and he has worked on projects using most LEED programs including New Constriction, Commercial Improvements, Core and Shell and Existing Buildings Operations and Maintenance.