George Wentz

Deputy City Manager

City of Jurupa Valley, California

George Wentz serves as Deputy City Manager for the City of
Jurupa Valley, California (pop 100,000)
George brings more than 45 years of administrative, management,
and local government related experience, focused on delivering
consulting support to public agencies, including 25+ in Riverside
County. He has served as a City Manager, Deputy City Manager,
Public Works Director, City Engineer, Building Official, Planning
Director, Traffic Engineer and Economic Development Manager. He
has coordinated extensively with the County of Riverside and
WRCOG on various local and regional initiatives. Currently he is the Deputy City Manager in
Jurupa Valley.
George has directed and administered projects which range from on-call support to provision of
full city contract services. His responsibilities have included accountability for day-to-day
completion of activities associated with wide ranging service contracts to serving as Principal-in-
Charge of specific projects. His managerial experience and high level of success is well
documented and recognized in the industry. In 2004, he was selected as one of the top 50 Public
Works “trendsetters” in the USA.
He is recognized for having a proven talent in working well with City Councils, boards,
commissions, committees, ad-hoc groups, managers and staff to achieve desired agency results
and incorporating service delivery methods that save time and money while enhancing
Over the past few years he has been a speaker on an array of “smart city” topics, including small
cells, broadband municipal utilities, coming 5G and other Information and Communication
Technology (ICT) opportunities for cities and counties throughout the United States. He has
served as a Principal for the preparation of broadband and fiber master plans and consulted to
agencies in such locations as Colorado and California on effective small cell/5G and broadband
deployment, including staff augmentation, infrastructure assessment, public policy
implementation, plan review, economic development, and design and aesthetics standard