Brandy Stanley

Parking Manager

City of Las Vegas

Brandy Stanley serves as the parking
services manager for the city of Las Vegas.
In this role, she oversees all aspects of the
city’s parking system including the
operation of parking meters, enforcement,
collections, off-street facility management
and contract negotiations. She is also
responsible for technology evaluation and
implementation, supporting new
development with parking expertise,
facilitating parking for special events,
recommending policy and setting the
direction and mission for how the parking
system can best support the city’s economic
development goals.
Stanley has been with the city of Las Vegas
since June 2011, and has gained extensive
experience in the parking industry across
the country during her 25-year career. She
previously held positions as parking
manager for the city of Manchester, New
Hampshire; regional manager for Standard
Parking Corporation in Richmond, Virginia;
Miami, Florida and Austin, Texas; and has
held parking management positions in New
Orleans, Louisiana and Seattle, Washington.
Stanley earned a bachelor’s degree in
Business Administration from the
University of Washington and an MBA from The University of Texas. She is a member
of the International Parking Institute, is a
founding board member of Women In
Parking, and serves on the board of directors
for the Southwest Parking & Transportation
Association. She develops and makes
frequent educational presentations to
industry peers at various conferences
throughout the country.