Bill McShane

General Manager, Connected City Experience


Bill McShane was an inaugural member of Signify's Icity Venture. The team developed its SmartPole offering through an international consortium of companies. Bill now serves as the Director of this business unit's North and Central American operations which now operates in the US as well as Canada and Latin
America. The Icity Venture enhances wireless technology infrastructure deployments utilizing 4G/5G/5G mm and wi-fi for delivery to municipalities throughout North America.
Bill has over 15 years' experience in the lighting industry with Signify.  Bill has developed numerous new business offerings for Signify. In addition, Bill served as Signify’s liaison to the US Conference of Mayors. Receiving numerous awards for his innovative approach to large-scale infrastructure projects. He was appointed as an
expert technical reviewer for The Ben Franklin Institute of Technology, located in Philadelphia and is a registered speaker for Illuminating Engineering Society.