Avi Patwardhan

Managing Director

Jacobs Smart City Practice

Dr. Avi Patwardhan is Managing Director of Jacobs Smart City Practice and has been engaged in delivering Smart City projects since 2014. With over 32+ years of experience, Dr. Patwardhan’s approach is open-minded, collaborative, and results oriented. He has a strong background in smart cities, water and sustainability and helps client organizations develop integrated planning, improve resiliency, and implement groundbreaking sustainable and smart infrastructure. Focusing on both the public (local, state, and federal), and private sectors, Dr. Patwardhan has worked with over 60+ clients in North America and overseas. He has spent his career helping dramatically improve the quality of life for hundreds of thousands of people – from water resource allocation, sustainability planning, smart city transformations, economic development, and real time asset management. Dr. Patwardhan’s passion is spotlighting how emerging technologies are impacting cities, utilities, and organizations as they plan, build, and manage infrastructure assets.  Dr. Patwardhan has published over 50 papers and is holder of two U.S. Patents.