Mike Allison

Head of Government and Cities

Nokia North America

Mike Allison is Head of Government and Cities for Nokia North America. Mike is responsible for driving strategies for Smart Cities, fiber broadband networks and Nokia’s eco system of partners. With over 30 years of experience in Sales and Engineering in the telecommunications industry, Mike has extensive experience in disruptive and emerging technologies, including community broadband networks, private wireless networks, 3rdparty vendors and financing partners that put complete solutions together for smart Cities. Mike has widespread experience with the State and Local Governments, Education, Healthcare, Energy and Utilities and the Federal Government.  Mike is dedicated to helping drive adoption, economic development and enablers for communities to enhance public safety, education, productivity and internet access to communities with a major focus on the underserved.  Mike works very closely with clients on understanding and driving solutions for implementing transformative solutions from planning, designing, financing, funding and purchasing to fully operational networks.