Franck Carassus

Co-Founder and CEO North America


As Co-Founder and CEO North America, Franck is responsible for driving global
sales for Opendatasoft, with a focus on growing the company’s presence in the
United States. Since 2011, Franck has helped 100+ organizations worldwide
improve their governance or operations through data sharing. His deep expertise
spans across the public sector, utilities, energy, and telecommunications industries.
Most recently, Franck was involved in building large public-private partnerships
between cities and companies such as Waze, GE and AT&T in North America to
enable efficient data sharing and build smarter cities.
Franck brings to the position a successful track record of more than 20 years that
includes managing sales teams, creating high-performance sales channels, and
generating significant partnerships with public and private sector organizations. Prior
to joining Opendatasoft, Franck held executive sales and business development
roles for major software companies. He has overseen the sales departments for HP
Software, Symantec, Novell and Dassault Systèmes.