Andrew Halbrook

Public Works Manager

City of Ruston

Andrew Halbrook graduated from Louisiana Tech University in Construction Engineering Technology in 2013, and have been involved in the utility industry since. I worked my+ first two years designing electrical infrastructure around the Houston Metroplex for Centerpoint Energy, until I had an opportunity to move back to my home town of Ruston Louisiana and work for the City of Ruston. Over the last five years I have been involved with every municipal utility, ranging from water and sewer, the overhead utilities of electric and fiberoptic internet service, and road, bridges and drainage. In the last 3 years I have been heavily involved in grant writing and have either written or helped with over $30 million in grants. Most recently the City of Ruston has received a $17.2 million US DOT BUILD Grant and a $3.5 million Economic Development Agency grant, where both grants work to integrate Smart City solutions into the existing environment.

When I am not working I enjoy hunting or being on the lake with my family. I am blessed to have a loving wife Amber, and two amazing children Hearne (3) and Charlotte (1).