Brieana Reed-Harmel

Municipal Fiber Manager

City of Loveland, CO

Brieana Reed-Harmel is the Municipal Fiber Manager for Pulse, the community-driven and city-owned 100% fiber-optic broadband network in Loveland, Colorado. Brieana brings over 15 years of experience in engineering and leadership roles, spanning both the public and private sectors. Brieana was officially named Municipal Fiber Manager in December 2018 after leading the city through assessment and feasibility study of publicly owned broadband, making fiber-optic internet service a reality for every home, business, and school in Loveland.

Brieana is a strategic thinker with an acute awareness of the long-range impacts that utilities, especially community-owned and operated utilities, can have on a community. Prior to her current role, Brieana has spent the greater part of her career working in the power industry and is proud to have brought Loveland its first grid-scale and community-owned solar facility. She was also an original co-sponsor and technical lead for Drive Electric Northern Colorado. This initiative successfully increased adoption and access to electric vehicles and charging stations within the Northern Colorado region.