Sebastien Torre

Head of ENRICH Programs

Temple University

Mr. Sebastien Torre has 20+ years of successful experience in the leadership and interim management of international marketing/sales and corporate/business development teams/divisions of various technology firms. For the last 5 years, in addition to offering global executive search and capital/grant advisory services for local and international tech firms, Sebastien has been focusing on co-developing and implementing Ecosystem Management Programs and Platforms for Transatlantic Innovation and Entrepreneurship. .

In January 2020, Sebastien Torre joined Temple University – Small Business Development Center as a part-time Senior Consultant for ENRICH in the USA Programs and Platforms.

ENRICH in the USA – European Network of Research and Innovation Centers and Hubs – is a program funded by the European Commission. As a consortium partner, Temple SBDC leads the ENRICH initiative in the USA with the support of NCURA National Council of University Research Administrators. Sebastien is especially in charge of activities, events, curriculums, 

and Community Management Platforms to support European innovators engaged in the ENRICH Immersion and Soft Landing programs at Temple SBDC and at other partner universities.

Since 1999, partner and founder of Venture Development International, LLC and Venture & Capital International LLC dba European American Enterprise Council (EAEC), Sebastien has directly participated in the US, EU and international business development, strategic marketing, venture capital funding and M&A efforts of 100+ small, medium and large (some public) European and US software, hardware and wireless companies; including long term executive/VP roles at SWT SA acquired by Captiva Software and then acquired by EMC, and at Captaris, Inc. acquired by Opentext.

EAEC is an active member of the European Commission’s Enterprise Europe Network (EEN), and was an initial consortium partner of Erasmus For Young Entrepreneurs Global and ENRICH in the USA.

Sebastien holds a MBA from the University of San Diego, and a Master of Accounting and Finance and CPA degrees from ICS in Paris France.