Lorelei Gauthier

Chief Strategy Officer

Philadelphia FIGHT

Lorelei Gauthier has been a part of the FIGHT community since 2013 as the Chief Strategy Officer, responsible for creating and maintaining strategic partnerships in order to further FIGHT’s programmatic and clinical work. Lorelei is also FIGHT’s first Creative/Art Director, responsible for creating and promoting visual and performance art experiences for the FIGHT community. Lorelei brings to FIGHT a passion for fostering a positive organizational culture, experience in non-profit management and development, a role as a long-time connector in strategic partnerships, professional experience in the arts as both a practitioner and administrator, and a profound love for the FIGHT community.

Lorelei’s career experience includes project management of large-scale, federal and privately funded programs for youth and adults, resource development, program evaluation and operations management for various non-profit organizations. Lorelei holds a B.A. in Media Studies with a minor in Visual Arts from Fordham University, an M.A. in Media Studies from the New School University, and a Certificate in Fundraising from the University of Pennsylvania. Previously, she has worked as a Program Officer for Public/Private Ventures, was the Associate Director for the Asian Arts Initiative, and is a 2010, 2012 and 2013 photography grantee for the Leeway Foundation.