Leila Ribeiro

Technology Director

MITRE Engenuity Open Generation

Prior to joining the Open Generation efforts Leila was MITRE’s Chief Engineer for the Aviation Concepts and Research division, which included Communications, Navigation, Surveillance and Spectrum aspects related to civil aviation.

Leila is an experienced wireless communications engineer with a history of solving complex technical problems both for industry and government. As part of her work at MITRE, Leila has led several activities on multi-disciplinary concepts related to wireless networks design and optimization, spectrum engineering, satellite communications, aviation communications, navigation and surveillance systems, unmanned aircraft systems, and vehicular systems. With a solid understanding of U.S. spectrum policy and spectrum management, Leila has also served as a trusted advisor on some of the key questions currently being addressed by the government on spectrum management.

Prior to joining MITRE in 2009, Leila worked as Director of Systems Engineering at CelPlan Technologies, where she developed solutions for design and optimization of wireless networks. She has also served as an adjunct professor in Satellite Communications at George Mason University, and co-founded a non-profit organization to help promote cultural diversity and inclusion of the Brazilian culture.