Jagannath Mallela

Senior Vice President


Dr. Jagannath Mallela serves as a senior strategic advisor within WSP's Advisory Services business line.  As a prolific researcher, research program manager, and national innovation push and deployment expert, he helped mainstream several open data and digitalization practices in the transportation and infrastructure space in the United States and globally. These include his body of work in advancing innovations nationwide in areas such as 3D engineered modeling, eConstruction, digital project delivery, Unmanned Aicraft Systems (UAS), eTicketing, digital as-builting (DABs), building information modeling (BIM) and operational digital twinning. Dr. Mallela was the primary author of Federal Highway Administration’s (FHWA’s) National BIM Strategic Roadmap, BIM Global Benchmarking Study report and bSI-OGC joint roadmap titled “Enabling Information Continuity Across BIM-GIS Domains”. He currently serves as the Principal-In-Charge of a 20-state DOT effort to mainstream BIM practices within the US Highway Infrastructure sector.