Sasha Kucharczyk

Co-Founder and COO

Preteckt, Canada

Sasha is the Co-Founder and COO of Preteckt - a company that helps vehicle fleets increase their reliability and decrease their operating costs by determining the upcoming maintenance needs of a vehicle and how best to handle them.  At Preteckt, Sasha has been focused on ensuring successful deployment of Preteckt’s technology in the municipal transit systems of New York City and Memphis.  It is his hope that Preteckt’s technology can be brought to more cities throughout North America to help improve the reliability of their transit fleets while simultaneously decreasing their operating costs and saving taxpayer money.

Before Preteckt, Sasha was an engineer involved in developing robotics and drawing insights from data.  He stepped away from the analytical world to pursue an opportunity to be customer-facing and became focused on learning how to design products around a customer’s current and future needs.  With all the changes happening in the Autotech and Transportation industries, he sees an opportunity to be creating products that not only solve the problems of today but also help eliminate the problems of tomorrow.