Tony Gale


Swift Rails

Tony has over 15 years’ management and operations experience with transportation
hardware, software and SaaS businesses for Transit. He was Vice President and General Manager of Cubic Transportation’s NextBus Real-Time Passenger Information (RTPI) business. He was also General Manager of Trapeze Software
Group’s School Transportation Division and was also responsible for Trapeze’s Rideshare
business P&L.

Prior to Cubic and Trapeze, Tony worked directly for Kevin at Ecology and Environment, Inc.
for over 10 years leading large international programs, turnkey IT deployments and
rideshare SaaS. While working for Kevin, Tony scaled GreenRide, a web-based ride sharing
system that included vanpooling and integration with transit. GreenRide was sold to 56
customers in 4 countries including MPOs, transit agencies, employer campuses and
universities, making it accessible to over 10 million people.

Tony has a MBA with an emphasis on supply chain management, a MS in remote sensing
(Satellite imaging) specializing in GIS and a BS in earth sciences.