Lee Bienstock

Global Head of Enterprise Partnerships

Google Devices and Services 

Lee Bienstock leads the Global Enterprise Partnerships Team for Google’s Devices and Services Business, responsible for developing and executing strategic initiatives and new product offerings for Google’s growing suite of connected devices, Pixel smartphones, and voice assistant speakers. Before joining Google’s Hardware team, Lee worked on Alphabet's Access Business - Google's endeavor to bring high speed fiber internet connectivity to cities across the United States. Lee led the team responsible for the partnerships necessary to roll out Google's investment in fiber infrastructure, including working with nonprofits, schools, homeowners associations, and policy makers - to bridge the digital divide and roll out next generation connectivity to underserved markets. Other prior roles at Google include growing some of the internet’s largest platforms - ranging from Google Search, YouTube, and Android, to Waymo’s Driverless Car Initiative. Lee also spearheaded Google's investment in "Mission Main Street", which provided small businesses with the digital tools they need to grow their businesses online. He has served on Google’s Hiring Committees, as well as led Google’s “VetNet” initiative, which helps veterans transition from the military into careers in technology. Prior to Google, Lee was the Director of Business Development at Meridian Capital Group and Associate VP of The Trump Organization. He received his bachelors in public policy and management from Cornell University, and his MBA from The University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School. He currently resides on Long Island, NY with his wife and three children